Henry V.S. Maus Grave


Descendants of Henry V.S. Maus

This website is an attempt to honour the tireless work of Mr. Frederick A. Babcock who spent years researching and compiling detailed history and family data which he published in his book "STONES" in 1964. Without his effort this would not have been possible. It will be a sad loss to history if we do not undertake to bring this family tree up to date with the current family information.

It is my hope that everyone interested in this family history will search their own records and forward missing information to the webmaster to allow us to update this site as time permits. I hope that you will take advantage of all current technology as well and provide us with links to personal and business web pages so that all who are interested can learn about the widespread family of descendants of Henry V.S. Maus.

Please use the "contact us" link below to advise us about current family information and corrections including as much detail as possible about full names, dates of birth, marriage and death and links to personal and business pages as well as interesting biographical information. Pictures in .jpg format will also be appreciated as we hope to add those in time as well (be sure that they include names).

One of the original MAUS family homes built on the "Maus" Plains around 1855
lovingly restored by renowned Antique Dealer Douglas Stocks.

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