Known throughout his adult life as" J. W.", Jairus Wilton Maus was born in South Dumfries Township, Brant County, Ontario on the 25th of July 1890.

He was the third of 4 Children of John William Maus and Agnes Hall. As a young man he travelled to Northern Ontario to work in the Mining Industry for his uncle, Oliver Hall, who was one of the pioneers of the Noranda Mining Company. He realized at a young age however that his talents and interests were in the cattle business.

He was a renowned inovator in all forms of Agriculture in Ontario and became one of the most prominent "Drovers" in the Province working with agents in Western Canada to buy and ship carloads of western beef cattle by train to his Stockyards in Ayr, Ontario for sale to farmers across the Province.

He was also a major independant buyer of market beef cattle for large meat packing plants in Toronto and Buffalo and had a reputation for integrity and for conducting all his business with a handshake and commiting detail of agreements to memory. He was an expert judge of cattle and established a major farming operation around Ayr and Kincardine, Ontario.

He married Elizabeth Ann Baxter and together they raised 8 children on their farm named "Fairview Farms" in South Dumfries Township.

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J. W. Maus died suddenly of a heart attack October 16, 1966 on the way to see one of his cattle customers. He was followed in the family business by three of his sons and his reputation as a leader and inovator in his community continues even today.