Historic Origins of the Maus Family

Maus Coat of Arms

The History of the Maus family researched and reported by Frederick A. Babcock in his book the "Stones" traces the Maus family tree from Henry V. S. Maus borm in New York State. Henry V. S. was the son of "Tankard" Maus who was himself the son of parents that were massacred in 1758 at Fort Seybert in Virginia. At the time of the publication of the "Stones" this was the earliest traceable origin of the Maus family although reasonable speculation suggested that the family emigrated from Germany.

Through reasearch and cooperation further evidence has become available that, although not certain, provides a believable record of the origins of the Maus family in Germany and their emigration to Philadelphia. Here is the suggested story.


Fort Seybert Massacre

Historic records of the time suggest that there was a Georg Maus that was among those killed by indians on April 28, 1758 at the Fort Seybert Massarce. Georg Maus was the likely father of Tankard Maus and his older sister Elizabeth Maus (called Mouse in later records).


Science and Hard Work

Research generously provided to me by John Douglas Maus of Tulsa, Oklahoma and in turn provided to him by John Andrew Maus of Washington State, provides an historic record of a Georg Maus, born between 1708 and 1710 at Hornbach, Saar (Germany), who was the son of Ludwig Maus and Anna Catharina Reihm. I mention science because concurrent with this research of historic records several members of the larger Maus family have submitted to DNA testing and comparison which confirms close genetic links within the same "family".


Emigration to the American Colonies

Reprinted here is a copy of the Ship's record of the Loyal Judith that landed in Philadelphia September 3, 1739. Note that the list, in three columns, shows how names could have been lost or changed. Each column is a different listing of the same passengers and by reading across the rows you can see how names were somtimes missed or spellings changed. The notation at the bottom of the list suggests that only males over 16 were listed even though they may have travelled with wives and children.

Note on ROW 48 the name Ludwig Mous or Maus - it is believed that Ludwig Maus and his wife were on this ship and landed in Philadelphia with their son Georg.



























































Immigrant Ships
Transcribers Guild

Loyal Judith

Loyal Judith, from Rotterdam, last from Deal. Arrived Philadelphia, 3 September 1739. Edward Paynter, Commander

Columns represent: Name, Signatures for Declaration of Fidelity and Oath of Allegiance

 1  Petter Baker                     Petter Becker                        Petter Becker    
2  Henrick Baugh                    Hendrich (B) Bough                   Henry (B) Bough    
3  Johanis Beueriles                Johan (X) Bevert                     Johanes (X) Bebertz    
4  Bartholmye Bougher               Bardoll Bucher                       Bardell Bucher    
5  Petter Bougher                   Peter Bucher                         Peter Bucher    
6  Petter Bower                     Hans Peter (X) Bouger    
7  Adam Bullmer                     Joh. Adam Bollman                    Joh. Adam Bollman   
8  Janis Nickell Bullmer            Johan Nickel Ballman                 Johan Nike Ballman    
9  Hans Jurig Burghart              John (X) Burchar                     Johan Georg (+) Burghart   
10  Philip Burghart                  Philip (X) Burchart                  Philip (X) Burghart  
11  Jan Nichol Chateau               Johann Nicklaus (O) Schatto          Johann Nicklaus Schatto[?]        
12  Johan Jurick Dryer               Johan Jeorg (H) Threer   
13  Johan Nickell Dull               Johan Nickal Doll                    John Nickel Doll    
14  David Fordney                    David (DF) Fortney                   Davit (DF) Fortney   
15  Assmes France                    Erasmus (HAF) France                 Errasmus (HAF) Frantz   
16                                   Hanes (X) France                     Johannes (X) Frantz   
17                                                                        Johan Christ Fritz[?]     
18  Johan Henrick Godee              Johan Henrich Kohde                  Johan Henrich Kohde  
19  Hans Nichell Gouw  
20  Henrick Handwerke                Henry (H) Handwerk                   Henry (H) Handwerk   
21  Nicholas Handwerke               Nieclaus Hantwerck                   Nieclaus Handtwerck   
22  Phillip Hasselberger             Pillip Hasselberger                  Fillip Hasselberger   
23  Christian Heither                Christian Hutter                     Christian Hutter   
24                                   Joseph (X) Herner   
25  Hans Adam Heuerley               Hans Adamm Haledu                    Hans Adam Heldi   
26  Johan Carle Hey                  Johan Carl Hey                       Johan Carl Hey   
27  Carle Heyser                     Carolo (O) Heiser                    Carol (X) Heyser   
28                                   David (H) Hoong   
29  Jacob Hough                                                           Jacob (H) Hough   
30  Petter Hough                     Johann Petter Houch                  Johan Petter Hauch  
31  Sebastian Jacobie                Sebast. Jacoby                       Sebast. Jacoby   
32  Bartholome Jesran                Bartholme Jeserang                   Bartholmi Jeserang  
33  Jerick Mickell Jesran            Gorg Michal Jeserang                 Gorg Michel Jeserang         
34  Carle Keresh                     Johan Karl Geres                     Johan Carel Geres  
35  Jacob Keuning                    Jacob Konig                          Jacob Konig   
36  Henrick Kifer                    Henrich Kiffer                       Henrich Kufer   
37  Johan Nickell Klaa               Johann Nickel Cleh                   Johann Nickel Cleh   
38  Jan Nikel Kleser                 Johan Nickel Glaser                  Johan Nickel Glaser   
39  Hans Nichall Kley                Hans Nick. (NK) Cliehn               Hans Nicklas (N) Klein   
40  Henrick Adam Klyn                Hend. Adam (X) Klein                 Henry Adam (X) Klein    
41  Casper Leydicker                 Casper (+) Letecker                  Caspar (+) Leydacker   
42  Joost Lizer                      Jost Liesser                         Jost Liesser   
43  Peter Locke                      John Peter (O) Lough                 Johan Peter (X) Lough   
44  Jurg Loub                        Jorg Laub                            Jorg Laub   
45  Hans Jacob Madery                Hans Jacob Madari                    Hans Jacob Madori   
46  Godfriek Mang                    Gothfrid Mang                        Gothfrid Mang   
47  Peter Marker                     Peter (M) Martger                    Peter (PM) Martter   
48  Ludwick Mous           Ludwig (O) Maus   
49  Hans Adam Phiets                 Hans Adam (H) Peits                  Hans Adam (H) Teelze   
50  Bastian Pluer                    Bastian Albert                       Bastian Albert    
51  France Pluer                     Johan Frantz Alberd                  Johan Frantz Alberd  
52  William Pluer                    Wm (A) Albert                        William (A) Albert  
53  Jan Jerick Ransier               Johann Gorg Ramsyer                  Johann Gorg Ramsyer   
54  Petter Rehm                      Peter Rem                            Peter Rem   
55  Johan Adam Rehmer                Adam (X) Reimor                      Johan Adam (+) Reemer   
56  Mathias Rehmer                   Matthew (X) Reimer                   Matteas (X) Reemer   
57  Nicholl Rehmer                   John Nicklas (X) Remer               Nicholas (+) Reimer        
58  Phillip Risser                   Fillip Riss                          Philipp Riss   
59  Nicholas Rodeberger              Nicholas (|) Rodeburger              Nicklas (X) Rodeburger   
60  Christian Rohrbacher             Christian Rohrbach                   Christian Rohrbach   
61  Jacob Rohrbacher                 Jacob (+) Rohrbach                   Jacob (X) Rohrbogh   
62  Johannis Ruperder                Johannes Rupperter                   Johannes Rupperter  
63                                   Martin Schaffner                     Marin Schaffner   
64  Johan Adam Schmall*              John Adam (X) Small                  John Adam (+) Schmell   
65  Nicholas Schmall*                Nicholas (X) Small                   Nicklas (X) Schmell                 
66  Vallantine Shey                  Valentine (O) Shave                  Vallentin (O) Shey   
67  Johan Nickell Shield             John Nich (+) Shield                 Nicholas (+) Shield   
68  Johan Nickell Shield             Niclas (X) Scheel                    Johan Nicklas (+) Sheel   
69  Adam Shitterhelm                 Adam Schidenhelm                     Adam Schidenhelm   
70  Cristophel Shope                
71  Johan Jerick Shope               John George (S) Shup                 Johon (X) Joup  
72  Carel Shoul                      Arnold (+) Shouts                    Caral (+) Sholl   
73  Martin Sinefrin  
74  Stophell Smith                   Christoffel Schmidt                  Christoffel Schmidt   
75  Phillip Snider                   Johann Phillipus Schneider           Johann Philippus Schneider   
76  Abraham Stout                    Abraham Staudt                       Abraham Staudt   
77  John Jurig Stout                 Johan Jerg Staudt                    Johan Jerg Staudt   
78  Jacob Stuhl                      John Cabug (O) Stall                 John Jacob (O) Staall    
79  Hans Adam Tanyn                  Johan Adam Tanny                     Johan Adam Danny   
80  Ludwick Tanyn                    Lodowich (+) Tanneugh                Ludwig (+) Danney   
81  Phillip Tanyn                    Philip (+) Denigh                    Philip (+) Danney   
82  Mathias Telton                   Mathias (M) Felton                   Mattias (+) Felden  
83  Johan Jacob Thanie               Johan Jacob Danny                    Johann Jacob Tany         
84                                   Geo. (H) Thanner   
85  Jurig William Thoor              Geo. Wm. (+) Thuer                   Georg William (F) Fuhr  
86  Johanis Tilbouer                 Hann Dehlbauer                       Han Diehlbauer  
87                                   Conrad (O) Turicher[?]   
88  Barnet Waerth                    Bern Warth                           Bern Warth   
89  Tobias Webber                    Tobias Weber                         Tobias Weber    
90  Jahn Nickell Weychell            Niclas (X) Weigher  
91  David Weyser                     David Weiser                         David Weiser   
92  Peter Wolff                      Johan Peter Wolf                     Johan Peter Wolf   
93  Hans Adam Wolfrom                                                     Hans Adam Wolfrum  
94  Henrick Wolfrom                  Henrich Wolfrum                      Henrich Wolfrum   
95  Mathyas Zeberly                  Martin Sebelie                       Martin Seberlie             
88 men                           85 men                               88 men    
Passenger lines numbered to aid with referencing.    

                   *Many ships are only listed with men, yet many came with their wives, children, sister, etc, but these names were either not recorded or not saved. Only males over the age of 16 were allowed to sign the oaths, so these would be the names on Strasburger & Hinke's lists.



If the Ludwig Maus that arrived in Philadelphia in 1739 is the true Father of Georg Maus who was in turn the true father of Tankard Maus then the records presented below show a direct patralineal list of the ancestors of the said Ludwig Maus for an additional 12 Generations back to Rolph Maustrum born in 1250 in Bipontium, Germany. Bipontium is the Latin name for the city of Zweibrücken which is a town in Alsace, Germany near the French border.


ROLPH MAUSTRUM, b. 1250, d. 1322 at Bipontium.
1. OCTAVIAN MAUSTRUM, b. 1315, d. 1386 in the Sempach Battle, Swiss Federation.
1a  RUPRECHT MAUSTRUM, b. 1352, d. 1395 at Bipontium.
1a1  ANTON WALRUM MAUSTRUM, b. 1381, d. 1452 at Bipontium.
1a1a  RUPRECHT MAUS, b. 1436, d. 1487 at Zweibrücken , Germany .
1a1a1  ANTON MAUS, b. 1459, d. 1510 at Zweibrücken , Germany .
1a1a1a  KARL FRIEDRICH MAUS, b. 1488, d. 1550 at Zweibrücken , Germany .
1a1a1a1  LUDWIG MAUS, b. 1526, d. 1569 at Zweibrücken , Germany .
1a1a1a1a  PHILIP WILHELM MAUS, b. 1552, d. 1618 at Zweibrücken , Germany , an armor-maker.
1a1a1a1a1  JONAS ERICK MAUS, b. 1578, d. 1641, Zweibrücken , Germany and Kleeburg.
1a1a1a1a1a  KARL FORBACH MAUS, b. 1623, d. 1678 at Zweibrücken , Germany .
1a1a1a1a1a1  FREDERICK PHILIP MAUS, b. 1648, d. 1710 at Zweibrücken , Germany ..
1a1a1a1a1a2  HANS GEORG MAUS, b. Abt. 1648 at Hornbach, Saar , Germany , d. Dec. 18, 1723
......................  at Hornbach, Saar , Germany . He married (1) ____ ?.  He married (2) Abt. 1673 in the
......................  Reformed Church, Anna Maria Specht. (Ref. Ch. Register).
......................  Georg was a Shoemaker in Hornbach , Germany and was found in Zinsweiler, 
......................  Bas-Rhein , France at one period of time. Members of the Ref. Church 9n Hornbach,
......................  Germany .
......................  Children:
......................  (i)  Peter, (ii) Susanna M, (iii) , Joh. Ludwig, (iv) Friedrich, (v)  Joh. Philipp,
......................  (vi)   H. Bernhard, (vii) Daniel, (viii) Anna Elisabetha